Wildbasin from Post Hill, Allenspark, Colorado

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Wildbasin Panorama*

R>L: Meeker, Chiefs Head, Alice, Tanima, Isolation

Mt Meeker*

4,242m/13,916' Second highest in RMNP after Longs Peak

Mt Meeker, W (higher) & E Summits*

The W Summit of Mt Meeker is often mistaken for Longs Peak

Chiefs Head Peak*

4,139m/13,579' Highest on the Cont. Div. within RMNP

Mt Alice*

Mt Alice with Mt Orton just below

Boulder-Grand Pass*

Easiest crossing between Wildbasin and East Inlet drainages

Tanima Pk*

From Boulder-Grand Pass it's a stroll on the tundra

Eagles Beak*

Isolation Pk & The Cleaver behind Eagles Beak

Foreground NW

A good gauge of the changing seasons

Our Family Tree and the SE sky

This old Ponderosa Pine dates from 1638 ±10 years

Snow Depth at Post Hill, Allenspark, Colorado

Graduations are in feet - highest is five feet above ground

The Flatirons

Created by Dan Crane after the iconic formation over Boulder
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